Winter Solstice,
the longest night of the year.

Set aside the holiday hustle and bustle,
spend a quiet 5 minutes with the movie below.

Contemplate adventures and friendships of the past year,
renew your spirit for the wonder of the year to come.

Wishing you a peaceful Winter Solstice 
and see you soon in 2023,

Charlie & Zee

Behind The Scenes

A December winter night in the backyard,
shooting 1,650 images on the night after the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower. 

Unfortunately, the previous night which was the peak had been completely clouded out. This night was clear and crisp, however the city lights hid the meteors with the possible exception of a very small one towards the end.

Despair not, the wondrous night sky did delight! 

Watch closely and you will see The Pleiades at the top (it looks like a mini Big Dipper) with bright Mars (below and bit left) and then distinctive Taurus (a sideways "V" just below them).

This is followed by Gemini's Castor and Pollux entering from left and finally beautiful Orion with bright Betelgeuse, Rigel, the 3 star belt and 3 star sword rising from behind the oak tree.

This is a longer form video than usual, the runtime is 5 minutes and is well worth the journey.
Music credit to David Lanz for his entrancing piano performance.

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