This 20"x30" print on an aluminum panel was on display
 at the "Art Hop 2022" exhibit competition at the Georgetown Art Center​​​​​​

The bison roam freely at Caprock Canyons State Park and at night, the stars join the herd in abundance!

Click on the video below for a 1 minute time lapse, for best results go full screen with audio on.

Texas's Caprock Canyons State Park is away from the light pollution of the big cities and has amazingly dark skies. During the summer, on the night of the new moon, you can see center of the Milky Way.

While waiting for the Milky Way to rise, I captured the image above. It is a series of 99 exposures, stacked to show the rotation of the Earth and the apparent motion of the stars above us.

And see below for the Milky Way that I captured around 2am.

Red Bull Goes Galactic

The park is beautiful during the daytime too.
Click on the images below to join me on a hike around Caprock Canyon!

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