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Charlie Favret is an avid motorcycle rider and photographer who has a love of exploring the less traveled back roads. These journeys are about the thrill of the ride, the camaraderie of friends who share in the adventure and the wonder of the scenery that they move through. His photography draws on that same passion for the technical challenge, seeing the beauty in things around him and sharing with others.

“Exploring a subject’s colors and lines is much like riding my motorcycle on scenic Texas back roads, studying the rapidly unfolding landscape for clues about the curves and contours of the road ahead. This has drawn me to create images from a flower’s abstract details to the vastness of the night sky, capturing two extreme ends of nature’s spectrum. Bold shapes and colors fascinate me and make me want to see the unexpected beauty of what’s down the next road, around the next bend.”

Charlie’s parents gave him his first camera on his 6th birthday, a 126 format Kodak film camera. He moved on to 110 format in the mid 1970s and 35mm in the late 1980s. After a break from creative photography in the 2000s, he jumped back in a few years ago when his wife gave him an Olympus camera for his birthday. His favorite subjects are abstract flower close-ups, wildlife, nightscapes and, of course, motorcycles.

Originally from New Orleans, Charlie has lived in the Central Texas area since 2000. While prints of his art have always been on the walls at home, Charlie took the leap into sharing them in public art exhibitions in 2019 and his work has been displayed throughout Central Texas. Currently Charlie is giving back to the community by serving as the president of the non-profit Round Rock Area Arts Council.

More of his work can be viewed at www.favretfoto.com and on Instagram @favretfoto
You can contact Charlie at favretfoto@gmail.com. 

2021 Georgetown Art Hop  Honorable Mention for "Doing What It Takes to Climb the Ladder"
2020 Georgetown Art Hop  Third Place for "Count Your Lucky Stars"
2019 120ART Gallery, Taylor Texas  Second Place for "Living a Double-Yellow Life"

Round Rock Arts President and Board Member
Williamson County Art Guild Member
'ART ATTACK Member & Rotating Instructor
International Dark Sky Association Contributor

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Charlie on one of his favorite roads (photo by Scott Wagner)

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