A Solo Exhibition at Papi's Pies - May 2023

I attended my very first solo art exhibition as a visitor four years ago and it was at Papi's Pies. 
Who knew there was such creativity and a vibrant art community in Round Rock?
So it is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to share some of my work at this wonderful place.
Thank you to Jose & Julio for their support of the arts!

The Beauty Within

By exploring the unexpected beauty that surrounds us,
I hope to inspire you to more fully appreciate
the wonder of the nature that we live within
and the balances that exists all around us.
Analogous Abstracts
Warm colors capture my imagination,
pulling me deeper and deeper in.
The three analogous colors create unity and
a determined, yet peaceful energy.

Pandemic Blur
Time crept ever so slowly by
during the pandemic separation.
Those days now seems like such a blur.

Pollen Portraits
Nature reveals beauty & structure
in the smallest of details hidden from view.
They seem both incredibly simple and
amazingly complex at the same time.

Social Distancing
Nature is instinctively social.
Thankfully it is time to get back together!

Ready to Float Away
Dandelions burst forth in Spring,
only to float away with the breeze.
Nature has a plan and rejuvenates
their beauty downwind.

Nature’s Fireworks
Who's not amazed by the colors and flower-like
of fireworks in the summer night sky?
This firework stand is dormant until July,
and nature putting on its own show!

Complementary Curves
Spin the color wheel 'round,
you will see that opposites attract.
Nature thrives on such diversity…
why are life preservers orange?

Bluebonnet Express
Tip-toe cross the bridge’s worn open railroad ties
but don’t look down into the deep gully below.
You will be well rewarded on the other side!
(yes, the tracks are decommissioned, safety first!)

Roadside Wonders
Spring in Central Texas,
always my favorite time of year.
The sight and the smell of the wildflowers
fill the senses after the dull Winter.

As the annual cycle once again opens up into Spring,
I hope that you too can see something refreshing
and interesting in this season of renewal.

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