Meteor season is upon us! This is a particularly bright one that passed over Round Rock in 2017. 

I clicked off 500 images of the April Lyrids meteor shower in my backyard and ONE shot got lucky!

Summer is a great time for laying down on a blanket late at night and watching the sky for that momentary flare streaking by. 

Meteor Showers
A Comet consists of ice, rock, dust and frozen gases. As the travel through space, they leave behind a small trail of debris. 

Comets are rather rare and difficult to see, but when they pass through Earth's orbit and the Earth makes its annual trip through the dust and debris, we get treated to a meteor shower show year after year. All you need are clear skies and a moonless dark night to see them the best!

In May we have the Eta Aquarids meteor shower. This is from debris left by Halley’s comet as it has makes its 75 year round trip journey to Earth and back out into space over the centuries. Halley’s last visit was 1986 and it will not return until 2061, until then we get reminded each year where it has passed!
Check out the calendar link below then on one of the "peak" nights, go meteor hunting!
Spread out a blanket in your backyard or a field, give your eyes a chance to adjust and then wait for the momentary streaks of light as the meteors enter Earth’s atmosphere. 
To see them better, find a dark (and safe) place in the countryside.
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