This is a more abstract view of Orion’s belt and during the exposure, a jet with solid & blinking lights flew through it. 

I guess it worked for this shot, but I generally do not want them in my shots which take hours to make. 

Jets are often overhead, the best night shots come after midnight when air traffic begins to taper off. 

Busy nite in the skies above Round Rock... grrrrrr!

Up, up and away!
The US FAA handles over 16 million flights per year, with a daily traffic of almost 3 million passengers and 120 million pounds of freight. That means there are a lot of planes in the air!

And if you take enough sky photographs, several are bound to photobomb you sooner or later. 

During the day, jets may leave thin lines of clouds from their contrails across the sky. This is due to their hot, humid exhaust mixing with the high, thin atmosphere. 

At night, their blinking transponder lights can stretch all the way across an image. Sometimes it adds an interesting line across the photo. Usually it is a nuisance. Shooting late at night and pointing away from popular flight paths can help.

A live capture of actual planes in the air on!

How many airplanes are overhead right now? 
Find one in the sky, then use the link below to see if you can figure out which one it is. 
Then click on the plane to see what type it is, where it came from and where it is headed!
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