Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my photographs 
and to learn more about our amazing universe!
While this is the end of the tour, it does not have to be the end of the journey. Here are some of my favorite books, apps, events and links.

Reading list:
365 Starry Nights by Chet Ramo
This book has a short 1 page reading for each night of the year, with Chet orienting you to the night sky and the recurring events that happen every year. If you stick with it for the whole year, you will learn a great deal about the Earth and the skies above us.
Night Sky with the Naked Eye by Bob King
This is a wonderful stargazing book, no telescope needed. It gives a “down to Earth” description of everything going on above us!
The Story of Astronomy by Peter Aughton
Learn more about the history of humans and the heavens. It covers ancient origins up to the current theories about space.
Longitude: The true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time by Dava Sobel
The fascinating story of John Harrison and how he solved the problem of determining Longitude while at sea, the X-Prize of its day. It has a mix of sea exploration, science and the night sky… several of my favorite topics.

A Few of My Favorite Apps:
Stellarium : star map
Phases of the Moon : Monthly Moon calendar
Weather Underground : Weather, Sun & Moon times
Nightshift : Nightly overview, Planets and Meteor Showers
ISS Detector : International Space Station
Heavens Above : Satellite Tracker

Star Parties!
Attend a Star Party to learn more from astronomers about the night sky and to peer through their telescopes!

Eagle Eye Observatory at Canyon of the Eagles on Lake Buchannan,

McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis, Texas

Texas State Parks Stargazing Programs 
Online Resources:
What’s in the sky tonight?
One of my favorite sites, sign up for their daily newsletter! 
Monthly SkyMap Download 

When will it be dark?

Where is it dark?
International Dark-Sky Association

Will it be clear?

More things to see in the sky


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