Welcome to the RIDE FAST! experience by the Asphalt Artist! 
This work is a selection of my favorite motorcycle photos taken over the past 20 years, including "conversations with the the local law" and several “lightly edited” roadsigns. 
Take in all of the images and then try it yourself, roll the dice and see how many turns it takes YOU to get to the finish line, then post your high score.

1. Start on the far left "Start Your Engines" square.

2. Roll one die per rider, advance to the square that you roll.

3. If you roll JAIL, Ticket or Warning and that square is behind you, then you go backwards :(

4. The first one to the end wins :)

5. Click the button below to enter your Score!

Or just roll a die and see how you score.

Note: Please "speed past" the Google sign in message, it is not required! 
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