Exhibit Date Tracker
Ever get confused which art shows are coming up, 
what the deadlines are for submission, drop off, openings and pickups? 
I sure do and here's my cheat sheet!
Click the button above to see the Google Sheet that I built to track the visual arts events with open & member calls in Williamson County.
I enter the deadlines for submission, acceptance, delivery, opening party (yeah!) and pickup, then the magic formulas take over. 
The cells are highlighted GREEN if the deadline is within 30 days, YELLOW if within 1 week and RED if today! 
If an exhibit name is underlined, it contains a hyperlink directly to the organizer's exhibit page.
Why is the link above a button? My web site provider does not have the functionality to embed Google Sheets code, so the button is just a fancy hyperlink to the spreadsheet. It is completely safe, you are not downloading an app or a script.
And while I do update the dates whenever I hear of a change, please do check with the organizer when there are critical dates.
Try it out today!
Art Photography
Do you need professional quality photographs of your 2D or 3D art for print or web?
I can help with that!

I use pro-grade cameras, lenses and light boxes with proven techniques to accurately capture your art in digital format.
A session comes in 2 parts:
First a photo session at your site, gallery or my home studio. Once the equipment is set up and warmed up, 30 minutes should cover 6-8 pieces of 2D art. For 3D art, the count depends on the number of angles and detail shots that you would like.
Second is an editing session on my color-calibrated computer system at my home studio. I carefully select the best shots for each piece of art, crop them, ensure color quality and then output each one at several different quality levels. 
(1) Small JPEG files 
For exhibit submissions and social/web postings.
(2) Large JPEG files
For printing and high quality display.
(3) Extra Large TIFF files
For editing and manipulation. 
Note: Different print paper types and print providers might require you to adjust brightness or colors to match the print profiles and processes, so a TIFF gives you the most flexibility.
(4) Original RAW files
In case you want to "develop" your images from scratch.
Note: RAW files will inherently look flat and dull prior to processing, but they are great for changing white balance and revealing the detail in the bright highlights and the dark shadows.
You get all of your images on an easy to use USB stick! 
Contact me at favretfoto@gmail.com if you'd like to learn more, have needs other than what I described above or would like to talk through how to do it yourself.

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